Thursday, March 21, 2013

How To Gain Mass Fast: 20 Week Quick Start Program

Build muscle as quickly as possible using this 20 week program that features 3 unique stages: neuromuscular adaptation, conditioning, and a maximization stage.

Workout Description

The problem: you're just starting and don't want to waste time in the gym. You want to build muscle as quickly as possible, and not fail like so many other beginners do.

The solution: a 20 week quick start program that takes you from point A to point Z, providing you with specific workout plans that will help you reach the level of success you are after.

This workout program features 3 specific stages:

Stage 1 - Neuromuscular Adaptation Stage. Weight is moderate. The focus during this 4 week stage is on learning the exercises, practicing proper form, and developing the habit of actually getting to the gym and not missing workouts. You will be working out only twice a week, but using the same workout each day.

Stage 2 - Conditioning and Building Stage. Another 4 week stage. You will be training 3 days per week, and learning how to push yourself properly on each exercise. Sets will be maximized and you will start to add strength and muscle at a quality rate.

Stage 3 - Maximizing Beginner Gains Stage. This is a 12 week stage that will have your working out 4 days per week. The format will be an upper/lower style of training. You will get as strong as possible in conventional muscle building rep ranges, and will never waste a set.

Maximizing Sets - Maximizing Progress

Stage 1 - This stage is a feeling out stage. Start with a moderately light weight and only add weight to an exercise when the sets feel relatively easy. Don't rush into weight additions. First and foremost you want to develop consistency and an understanding of exercise form. Once you hit a nice stride, then slowly add weight as you can.

Stage 2 - Using good form, start to focus on pushing sets for more and more reps. You do not want to train to failure, not perform reps with sloppy form. Add weight when you reach the recommended number of reps for a set.

Stage 3 - Push every set for as many reps as possible - no exceptions. Never waste a set. Stop each set when you feel like you might fail on the next rep, or when you form starts to slip. Add weight when you reach the recommended number of reps per set.


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"Your personal habits, your social life, even which exercises you choose to do can take away from what you're trying to build," says Jeff Bell, C.S.C.S., an exercise physiologist and the owner of Spectrum Wellness in New York City. Bell and other experts helped us pinpoint seven factors that sabotage results. "Add them up and they could be why your muscles have nothing to show for all your time served," Bell says.

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